Local Business Profile – SouthCoast Domino’s Goes High-Tech

When asked the secret to his success, Carlos Ferreira answers succinctly, “hard-work”. But a tour of his newly renovated facility in Fall River, MA reveals that business analysis, employee relations and service excellence have been carefully nurtured, planned and executed, leaving no detail undone.carlos ferreira fall river dominos owner

Carlos started in a Domino’s kitchen in 1988 and worked his way up, learning each role and task required. His experience was good training, as Domino’s franchisees are required to manage a location for a full year before owning one. Carlos took over his first location in 2001 in Manchester, CT as part owner, and in 2010 he purchased the Domino’s in Taunton, MA. In 2012 he added the Flint Plaza and Southway Plaza locations in Fall River, MA. He plans to open his fourth Domino’s location in 2018.

You may not expect pizza delivery to require a command center, but that’s exactly the type of technology Carlos employs, tracking customer calls, order time, prep time, delivery time, and a list of details that ensure his growing business is constantly improving.

The Southway Plaza restaurant frequently handles more than 200 items at its busiest hour on a Friday night, but Carlos believes they are poised for additional growth. His recently completed renovations include two full prep stations and three pizza ovens.

Carlos is quick to point out that it is the talent and loyalty of his employees that make his restaurants a success. In a high-turnover industry, his employees are happy working for Carlos and his thriving business. It’s obvious the team members respect him and take pride in their work. The respect is mutual. Carlos says “the best employees are referrals from existing ones, I have a lot of family members here. Sometimes employees’ lives change, they may move away or take another job but most times they’ll come back to work here or visit”. The day we met, a former employee returned from Florida with a new baby. Everyone who works for Carlos is part of an extended family.

Carlos has worked hard to grow his successful business, and we at BankFive celebrate his success. We are so proud to help Carlos finance his business expansion and look forward to helping other customers grow their businesses. Let’s have a conversation to see how we can help you!

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