Some Turkey Day Trivia to Share

This Thanksgiving, be the life of the party! While everyone is gobbling down dinner, liven up the table conversation with some of these little-known facts about Turkey Day:

  • You know those turkeys that typically appear in traditional Thanksgiving dinner pictures? They’re not the same as what people eat during the holiday these days. Those were wild turkeys back then, while the ones we feast on are domesticated, usually twice the size, and are too big to take flight.
  • Speaking of turkeys, folks may know that male turkeys are called toms and female turkeys are called hens. But what are baby turkeys called? Poults or Jakes.
  • The U.S. isn’t the only place to give thanks for bountiful harvests during autumn. Festivals are held around the world with a similar theme, including Canada, where they celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the second Monday in October.
  • Back on the East Coast, Native Americans of New England gather on Cole’s Hill at Plymouth on Thanksgiving Day for the National Day of Mourning. It’s intended to honor ancestors of Native Americans and their continuing struggles to survive.
  • Americans chow down on more than 46 million turkeys during Thanksgiving. That equates to more than 500 million pounds of poultry!

And here’s a waist-expanding statistic. Expert calorie counters claim that 4,500 calories will be consumed on average in the U.S. during Thanksgiving Day. No wonder we’re so tired after dinner!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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