Tips For Keeping Your Kids Safe This Halloween

“Safety first” should always be top of mind for your trick-or-treaters during Halloween. You won’t have to sacrifice fun for safety with these tips:

  • At least one parent or adult should accompany youngsters while they’re out and about. For the youngest ones (pre-school through first grade), consider taking them trick-or-treating during daylight hours so you can keep a better eye on them.
  • When out at night, take along a flashlight. Other ways you can provide added night-time protection include giving kids glow sticks to carry and sticking reflective tape on their costumes and trick-or-treat bags.
  • Older children who are allowed out on their own should be accompanied by at least one friend, and they should have a curfew or follow your community’s curfew if one is in effect. Only visit neighborhoods that you are familiar with, and instruct older children who are allowed to go out on their own to do the same.
  • Children wearing masks should have ones that fit properly and don’t limit their ability to see.
  • Before you allow your kids to eat any of their treats, inspect them closely, especially if they insist on eating some before returning home.
  • Insist that your younger kids hold your hand, especially since their inclination is to run from house to house and even across the street. And hand-holding is also important if they’re wearing costumes that make it somewhat difficult to navigate through the neighborhood.
  • Accompany younger children up to or close to the door of each home, and stay away from houses that are dark and/or don’t look inviting.

With your guidance, your little goblins and ghouls can enjoy the day and stay out of harm’s way.

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