Start Saving Today For That Summer Vacation!

You’re sloshing through the slush and snow on your way to work, teeth chattering all the way. And that’s when it hits you — the mellow, soothing sounds of “Margaritaville” by Jimmy Buffett.

As the song bounces around in your head, you break into a big smile and hum along to the tune, knowing that this summer that’s exactly where you’ll be, thanks to the savings account you recently opened just for this vacation.

Or maybe you have your sights set on the Amalfi Coast in Italy, where you can soak up the warmth and beauty of pastel-colored fishing villages and cozy, intimate beaches.

If you haven’t started saving already for that summer vacation, it’s not too late. By putting aside money each week, you can accumulate a decent sum to make your vacation destination a reality.

One of the best ways to do that is to open a savings account and have direct deposit. It’s an easy way to start saving automatically and not having to be bothered with running to the bank each week to make the deposit. And let’s face it, it’s better not to have that cash in your hand, tempting you to spend it elsewhere.

Think about it – stashing away $50 a week for the next 6 months is doable. That’s $1,200 you’ll have ready for a great getaway in July! And you may be able to earn some interest on that money, too, depending on what kind of savings account you open.

Here’s another benefit — if you keep that weekly direct deposit going throughout the year, you’ll have that much more for your summer vacation in 2017!

And if Italy or any other place abroad is on your vacation radar, don’t forget that BankFive can simplify your life with our Foreign Currency Exchange services. We provide a safe, local, and cost-effective way to obtain foreign currency.

We have exchange rates with more than 80 foreign currencies to buy and sell. Plus, we’ll buy back currency after your trip.

Say bon voyage to the winter doldrums by saving for your summer vacation today!


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