Have You Given Your Favorite Small Business A Hug Lately?

In America’s business world, it’s “the little engines that could” that keep our economic engine humming along strongly year after year. That’s why it’s so important to support the small businesses in our community.

Every day, these business owners offer a very personal and often unique shopping experience. From family-owned bakeries and floral shops to first-time entrepreneurs, these folks are earnestly pursuing the American Dream. And all of us can help them make that dream come true by buying from them.

Here at BankFive we can relate to small businesses, because in reality, we’re one of them. As a community bank, we’re here to serve you, your friends and your neighbors on a very personal level. We know the towns and villages and cities we’re part of because our people live and work in them. Our roots run deep, and we have a strong connection that can’t be duplicated by big banks.

We know how important small businesses are to each community, which is why we have forged hundreds of relationships with these business owners over the years. We want to see them thrive and flourish because they are key to the vitality of any local economy.

Once a year since 2010, one day brings particular attention to these stores and shops in our neighborhoods. This year, Small Business Saturday® will be celebrated on November 28, and we encourage you to get out and show your support.

But keep in mind that these businesses are open practically every day of the year and count on folks to buy from them on a regular basis. They’re there when you need a birthday present, a pick-me-up bouquet of flowers, a new dress or suit, a treat for the dog or cat.

And isn’t a great feeling to hear the owner greet you by your first name when you enter their shop, and spend some time talking to you one-on-one? They’re happy to have you there, and won’t rush you to make a purchase and be on your way. Those are the down-to-earth touches that you won’t find in the big box stores

To put it another way, we should recognize and patronize our small businesses almost every day of the year. They’re here for us, so we should be there for them!




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