America Saves Week – Seven Ways to Establish Money-Saving Habits

America Saves Week is here! This is your opportunity to take advantage of all the savings insights that are tied into this nationwide event, which runs until Saturday, February 28. During America Saves Week, individuals and families are encouraged to save money and build personal wealth as well as improve financial literacy.

Here’s some help in making it a habit to save money:

  • Take advantage of free entertainment opportunities as opposed to paying for leisure time activities. (Tip: Pack a picnic and spend the afternoon at the local park.)
  • Make it a habit of taking candy and snacks to the movies instead of buying them at the concession stand. (Tip: Store your goodies in a large purse to provide “cover” for your stash.)
  • Use print and online coupons to stretch your dollars further. (Tip: Several online sites constantly have coupons available, such as
  • Skip the weekly trip to the car wash and give your car a bath at home. (Tip: Many auto service stores have professional car cleaning kits to give your auto that top-notch shine.)
  • One of the easiest ways to automatically save is to have money from each paycheck transferred into a savings account. (Tip: BankFive has five savings account options that you can open right online. Check them out at
  • Make it a habit of doing routine maintenance on your car so small problems don’t turn into big problems. (Tip: Have your oil changed regularly and make sure your tires are properly inflated, which provides for better gas mileage.)
  • Turn a money-spending habit into a money-saving habit. (Tip: Bypass that daily soda fountain fix at the local convenience store by buying a six- or 12-pack of soda at the supermarket. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the savings you realize.)

More savings tips will be offered every day this week. And check out the America Saves Week website at for additional information.

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