Internet Advice for College Students – Avoid Computer Viruses

Of all Internet frauds, this one is perhaps the most insidious.  You receive an email with a tender header, perhaps with an attachment titled “I love you,” or “call me,” or just about anything that piques your curiosity. When you open the email, it attaches a small virus inside your computer that records keystrokes, log-in names and passwords. And it does so without your knowing it.  After you have visited 20 or 30 online banking or financial Web sites, it emails that information back to the criminal sponsor. Best advice: Don’t open strange emails. Check with your college and ask how to protect your computer from viruses.

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The Massachusetts Bankers Association represents approximately 190 commercial,
savings and co-operative banks and savings and loan institutions located in Massachusetts and
elsewhere in New England.

Massachusetts Bankers Association, Inc.
One Washington Mall, 8th Floor
Boston, MA  02108
Tel: 617-523-7595 / Fax: 617-523-6373

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