Banking Tools for College Students – A Checking Account

Open a checking account at a bank near home and use online banking and ATMs or open an account at a bank near campus.  Most colleges invite local banks to visit the college, or provide brochures at the beginning of the school year.  Knowing how to write checks, balance a check book, and recognizing the importance of recording ATM withdrawals and debit card transactions can go a long way toward avoiding financial trouble. Many parents open a joint account with their college student giving them the flexibility to make funds transfers when necessary.  As joint owners of the account this arrangement also allows the parents to view all transactions online and foster conversation to adjust saving and spending accordingly

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The Massachusetts Bankers Association represents approximately 190 commercial,
savings and co-operative banks and savings and loan institutions located in Massachusetts and
elsewhere in New England.

Massachusetts Bankers Association, Inc.
One Washington Mall, 8th Floor
Boston, MA  02108
Tel: 617-523-7595 / Fax: 617-523-6373

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