Gift Guilt

With so many families tightening their belts these days, most people understand the need to be smart with holiday shopping. In fact, people can feel guilty receiving an expensive gift when they know you are on a tight budget…after all, your friends and family don’t want to put you into debt. Don’t spend beyond your means this holiday season.

Trimming your gift-giving list is a smart place to start. If there are others on your list who are watching their expenses, you can suggest that you simply exchange cards this year. They’ll appreciate the consideration, and the chance to save money.

If you feel that you can’t drop anyone from your list, consider giving smaller gifts this season. It really is the thought that counts and most people would rather get a small, thoughtful present than an expensive, impersonal gift. If you have a talent or hobby, consider making gifts by hand. Coupons for services you can provide, such as shoveling snow or cooking dinner, also work. Not only are handmade gifts unique, they help you stick to your budget.

Finally, don’t let guilt get you when receiving a gift. If someone gives you something more expensive than you’re comfortable with, graciously return it to them so they can get their money back.

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