Online Shopping Safety

Shopping online takes a load off your feet, but does it take a load off your mind too?  These simple safety precautions will help protect your identity and your wallet.

Before you order online, read the privacy policy for all online retailers to ensure they won’t share your personal information with others. If they don’t have a privacy policy, you may not want to do business with them. 

Paying with a credit card is the safest way to pay over the Internet, but before you give your payment information, check for indicators that the website is secure and encrypted. Similarly, make sure the security software on your own computer is up-to-date to deter potential hackers.

Take special care to familiarize yourself with each merchant’s terms, quality guarantees, shipping and handling costs and refund policies. Print out copies of your receipt, the item description, confirming e-mails, warranty and other terms, and keep them on file in case there are any problems with your order.

Be suspicious of prices that are too good to be true, and trust your gut if something doesn’t seem right.

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