Going Paperless

We all know how much paper is used to keep consumers informed about their finances. Whether it’s bank statements or bills, the amount of paper mailed on a daily basis is massive. Yet advances in online banking, bill pay and electronic statements make it possible for customers to manage their money without ever having to use paper.

In addition, going paperless doesn’t just save trees and reduce the clutter around your home, but security experts note that personal information in the mail makes you an easy target for would-be identity thieves. E-statements rob theives of the opportunity to steal your identity. Paperless banking requires you to take some simple steps, and banks spend millions encrypting their systems to protect your information. So, to keep all their hard work benefitting you then you’ll at least need to secure your computer with a good firewall and spyware protection.

To learn more, ask your bank about the e-banking services they offer.

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