Is Your Morning Cup of Coffee Making You Broke?

How to Save Money on That Morning Cup of Coffee

By now, everyone knows that without a morning cup of coffee, the day will not roll on smoothly. But, has it ever occurred to you how much you are actually spending on that cup of coffee?

Let’s take a look at some figures that will give you a better idea of the money really spent each week on coffee:

A cup of coffee is about $3.50 plus tax, so call it $3.75. Let’s assume you stop 4 times a week for coffee and say 50 weeks a year. That would be $750.00 (4 times a week x $3.75 cup of coffee x 50 weeks) spent on coffee a year.

Now, you are probably wondering what can I possibly do to get rid of such a large non-essential bill.

Simple solution! Make your own coffee at home.

For example, a Saeco machine can be purchased for around $600.00. Coffee beans, which you can often get from the company that you are already buying your coffee from, can be purchased at places such as Dunkin Donuts. So, between coffee beans and milk it would be about $40.00 a month, which is $480.00 a year.

In total, it will cost $1080.00 ($480+$600) for that first year, but then you have to remember that the following year will only cost you $480.00 due to the initial cost of the machine. Overall, the following year will provide you with a total savings of $270.00 ($750-$480).

Fantastic! Not only do you save money, but you still get a great cup of coffee.

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