Protect Your Identity

Today’s money tip provides valuable information for protecting your identity.

There are many ways to protect yourself, and often times all it takes is one extra step to be sure a thief doesn’t get a hold of your personal information. 

In a person’s trash, one can often find a vast array of personal information. Before throwing away any documents with sensitive information such as your name, address, account numbers or social security number, be sure to shred them. If you are storing documents that contain sensitive information such as car titles or deeds, put them in a safe place like a home safe, locked file cabinet or ideally, a safe deposit box at your financial institution.

It’s also important to monitor your bank and credit card statements on a regular basis. You may not save every receipt, but if something is vastly outside your spending pattern, you’ll recognize it. And most importantly, review your credit report annually and report any suspicious or incorrect information.

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