Teens: Buy It Or Not

We live in a world where the pressure to spend money is constant. You are surrounded by ads. And advertisers are now placing products in movies and inserting messages on TV. They’re even in online blogs and message boards.
Resist impulse buying. Advertisers study buyers and buying habits all the time.  They don’t want you to think about what you’re doing, but rather have you buy right now – if you stop to think, you might not buy. How do you hang on to your cash so you don’t just buy impulsively?

Ask yourself these questions:
1. Do I really need this item?
2. If I don’t need it, why do I really want it?
3. Am I sure that I’ll use it? Wear it?
4. If I buy it now, will I have enough money for other things I might need later on – this week, this month, next month?
5. Will this purchase take money away from paying off any debts I owe?
6. Is there any risk in delaying this purchase in order to think about it longer?
7. What are the chances this item might go on sale soon?
8. Could I find this item somewhere else cheaper?
9. Could I find an item like this, but without a brand name?

If you answer HONESTLY, you may not buy it. Well, why can’t you just dip into savings – just this once – to make the purchase? Don’t even think about it. Once you start spending your savings on things you don’t really need, it’ll be gone before you know it.

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