Ways to Share

You have a lot of things. Just go look in your closet. There’s stuff in there you haven’t worn in ages. There are toys that you’ve outgrown. That stuff is just sitting there, not doing anybody any good. You may feel “attached” to these things, and think “Someday I might want that.” But, the better question might be “When was the last time I used that?”

How about giving this stuff to someone who CAN use it?

There are plenty of children who do not have games, toys, or nice clothing. Your belongings would make great “gifts” for these children, and would make them very happy as well. But remember, anything you give others should be “gently used” – in good condition, not broken or worn out.

What about those boxes in the basement or the attic?

Think about that stuff, too. If these items have given you joy, they can give that same joy to someone else. You may have watched your family give furniture, appliances, and clothing to places that will pass them on to people who need them. By giving your toys and clothes, you are doing the very same thing.

It will make you feel good – and it will give you more room in that closet!

Source: http://www.themint.org/kids/ways-to-share.html

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