Fun Games for Kids

Because April is National Financial Literacy Month, today’s Money tip offers ways to make financial education fun and valuable for kids. Teaching kids about money is important but if it’s not enjoyable, they might lose interest quickly. For younger children, start with the basics: give them a lesson in the value of coins and quiz them afterwards. Ask simple questions like “Which is worth more – 5 nickels or 10 dimes?” Reward them with fun prizes to keep it interesting. If you have more than one child playing, keep points to increase competition. To teach older children about spending wisely, set them up with a faux budget and set monthly income. Take them through the process of paying bills, budgeting and making decisions about when to spend and when to save. Using props like fake money, a real checkbook and bank or credit card statements will make the lesson really come alive for them. At the end of the game, they will have learned a valuable lesson in budgeting as well as the value of a dollar. Regardless of how you teach your children about finances, start early and keep it fun! For more kid’s activities and ideas, see our Kid’s Corner section of the blog.

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