It’s All About Setting Goals Kids

If you play soccer, you know how cool it is to score a goal. You run down the field. A teammate passes you the ball. You take aim at the net and kick! Making a goal may help your team win the game. It also can make you feel really good about yourself. Setting goals in life is important. When you have a goal, you need a plan with steps to reach it. Those steps help you grow as a person.

Here are some ideas to get you started on your own list of goals:                    

  • Get an “A” in math. Maybe you would like to get better grades at school. Pick one class to study harder on.
  • Make a new friend. With the school year starting, you will meet lots of new kids. Sit by someone you don’t know and see what you have in common.       
  • Learn a different sport. Trying a new sport may help you become stronger and faster. Plus, it’s fun!

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