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Congratulations to Bill Beauchene and his team from Old Rochester Regional High school for coming in first place at Southeastern Massachusetts’ Titan Challenge at UMass Dartmouth.  Way to bring home the gold for BankFive!


Saving Money

March 26, 2014

How good a saver is your child? Is it easy to save money or is it tough? Here are some simple tricks to help your children.   Image source:

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Saving For an Emergency

March 24, 2014

Make a habit of saving for an emergency! Remember, using direct deposit to set aside a little savings each week can help build that emergency fund.

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Spring is Here!

March 21, 2014

Springs is finally upon us, although the weather may be deceiving.  Enjoy the first official weekend of Spring!

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Money Word Search

March 19, 2014

Learn the value of fun and find all of the finance-related words within this word search. Check your answers with the attached answer key.  To view click here

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

March 17, 2014

May everyone find their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Image Source:

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