pets - summer - safety - tips

We all know how to protect ourselves from summer’s heat, but what about our pets? Here are some safety tips to protect your pets as well this summer.

You’re looking to make the biggest purchase of your life – a house – but you’re not sure what you can afford. Pinning down that answer involves coming up with a game plan. As part of that plan, you need to consider several variables that will impact just how much you can pay without breaking […]

Lower - Summer - Energy - Bills

Keeping cool around the house this summer may cause your energy bill to skyrocket. Here are some helpful tips to lower summer energy bills.

grandparent scam

Ensure your loved ones know about the “Grandparent Scam”; a growing impersonation scam targeting older Americans.


Summer may be just upon us, but it’s never too early to stay ahead of the game and stock up on school supplies.

Summertime fun

Summertime is right around the corner! Here are some great project ideas to have your home and yard looking great for the fun sunny days ahead.

summer fun

Whether you’re looking to buy a home or boat, install central air, or take a vacation, BankFive can help make your summer as enjoyable as possible!


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