Summer has come and gone, and fall is now upon us. These early weeks of fall are perfect to start any home projects before winter arrives. But where should you start?


Rainy day funds can give you a financial cushion during the time of an unexpected event. There are many ways to create a rainy day fund. Here are some things to consider.


College is in full swing, and so are the expenses that come with it. Here are a few tips to help cut down your textbook expenses this school year.

Text Illustration Featuring Construction Tools That Represent Labor Day

Labor Day is a time for picnics and one last trip to the beach, but do you really know the story behind Labor Day?


To shop or not to shop? That may be a no-brainer for those who enjoy buying things. Others may not be as gung-ho about it. No matter which way you lean, it doesn’t hurt to prepare yourself in advance so you end up having a pleasant shopping experience. That’s the motivation behind advice from the […]

School Supplies

Are you ready to send the kids back to school? More importantly, is your wallet ready? From clothing to school supplies to laptop computers, this time of year typically puts a strain on household finances. But you can head off the back-to-school-shopping blues in lots of ways. A great place to start is to prepare […]


Are you considering seeking a student loan? These tips will help you make the choice that is right for you when taking out a student loan.